Metallo-Therapy has developed the process of producing stable gold nano particles

The company has carried out a series of in-vitro and in-vivo studies (animal) demonstrating clinical feasibility of its technology.

The regulatory pathways for different clinical indications using the GNP were assessed and a pre-clinical work plan has been completed.

A series of in depth interviews with clinicians in leading cancer centers in the US corroborated the potential clinical role for the GNP-based products and the market opportunity.

The Company has entered the regulatory path and pre-clinical safety studies are conducted.

Metallo-Therapy offers its modified gold nanoparticles as contrasting agents to researchers in the field of oncology.


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Production of nano-liposomes containing stabilized gold nano-particles and water-soluble gold complexes


Metallo-Therapy: Gold nanoparticles for better cancer management
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