X-ray based computed tomography (CT), is among the most convenient imaging tools in hospitals in terms of availability, efficiency and cost. However, CT is not considered as a molecular imaging modality since available contrast agents are nonspecifically targeted to tumor cells and they allow only very short imaging times due to rapid clearance by the kidneys.

Gold nano particles have great potential for cancer detection and imaging at the cellular level with standard clinical CT.  The atomic number and electron density of gold are much higher than those of the currently used iodine, therefore gold induces a strong X-ray attenuation. In addition, coated gold nanoparticles proved to be non toxic and biocompatible in vivo.

Novel gold nano-particles developed by Metallo Therapy were found to selectively target tumors and tumors blood vessels to act as agents that induce contrast in CT imaging by increasing x-ray attenuation. The combination of these novel gold nano particles with standard CT provides better cancer management in early diagnostics, staging, radiation planning and evaluation of treatment efficiency

MT's gold nanoparticles (GNPs) are modified by IP protected chemistry. These modified GNPs target tumors without interacting with the blood proteins. High concentrations of GNPs in cancer tissues can be attained, thus forming very effective and safe contrasting agents, lasting in the cancer tissue for weeks.

The modified GNPs can be used at all stages of cancer detection and treatment. They can be used as markers at cancer radiation therapy. Unlike other fiducial markers, which require needle placement into the tumor, due the GNP targeting capability they are introduced applying standard intraveinous procedures.




Metallo-Therapy: Gold nanoparticles for better cancer management
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